Board of Directors

2022-23 Board of Directors

SAW is governed by a thirteen-member board consisting of 11 directors and 2 Members At Large.  The SAW executive includes a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer, who is elected within the board of directors.  The SAW Executive Director is also included in the SAW Executive.

SAW Executive 

  • Chair – Ruth Seime
  • Vice Chair – Renny Grilz
  • Treasurer – Aron Hershmiller
  • Executive Director – Bridget Andrews

Board of Directors

  • Assiniboine River Watershed Association – Aron Hershmiller (Treasurer)
  • Carrot River Valley Watershed Association – Morgan Leigh
  • Lower Souris Watershed Committee – Teresa Walker
  • Moose Jaw River Watershed Stewards – Wade Hicke
  • North Saskatchewan River Basin Council – Paul Rybka (Past-Chair/ex-officio)
  • North Saskatchewan River Basin Council – Ruth Seime (Chair)
  • Old Wives Watershed Association – Dan Bowler
  • Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities – Judy Harwood (Ex-officio)
  • Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association – Julie Anne Howe (Ex-officio)
  • South of the Divide Action Plan – Kelly Williamson (Ex-officio)
  • South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards – Renny Grilz (Vice-Chair)
  • Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards – Bernie Lemire
  • Wascana/Upper Qu’Appelle Watersheds Taking Responsibility – Sharon Rodenbush