Program Eligibility

The Prairie Watersheds Climate Program Approach

• PWCP takes a grassroots, regional approach to address issues related to climate change in agriculture and supports producers in implementing BMPs that have a positive impact on Canadian agriculture.

• 85 percent of funding goes towards the adoption of BMPs and BMP education/awareness activities for agricultural producers, who are the Ultimate Recipients of the program.

• Ultimate recipients (farmers) can seek registration and offset credits under voluntary offset credit programs for GHG emissions reductions generated with the support of the Prairie Watersheds Climate Program. The ability of ultimate recipients to participate in these markets will be subject to eligibility requirements set up by voluntary offset programs.

• Ultimate recipients (farmers) cannot apply to any regulatory carbon offset program for the GHG emissions reductions generated between the Project Eligibility Date (“February 7, 2022 “) and the Project Completion Date (“March 31, 2024“) including those dates.
o GHG Emission Reduction Credits restrictions for Ultimate Recipients only apply to the
the fiscal year(s) in which the Ultimate Recipient receives funding.

Nitrogen Management BMP Funding Information

Cover Crop BMP Funding Information

Rotational Grazing BMP Funding Information