SK Tree for Life Program

The Saskatchewan Tree for Life Program utilizes the planting of native trees as a tool for natural-based solutions to climate change, restoring shorelines, providing habitat, and improving water quality in our lakes and rivers.

In 2021, our goal is to distribute and coordinate the planting of 24,000 trees across 8 Saskatchewan Watershed Stewardship Groups (WSGs) with the help of youth, landowners, and business owners.  By planting 24,000 native trees we are building climate change knowledge and capacity to the public and at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Young trees absorb CO2 at a rate of 13 pounds per tree each year. Trees reach their most productive stage of carbon storage at about 10 years at which point they are estimated to absorb 48 pounds of CO2 per year.

How to Receive Your Free Tree to Plant

  1.  Contact Your Local Watershed Stewardship Group to order your Free Tree(s).  Each WSG will be offering up to 50 free trees per person, farm, business or organization.Not sure which watershed you live in.  Tree varieties include:
                                Shrub Willow
                                Sandbar Willow
                                Prairie Sky Poplar
                                Hill Poplar
                                White Spruce
                                Blue Spruce

    Click here to locate your Watershed Contact Information. 

  2. Once Your Trees are ordered the Watershed Stewardship Group will coordinate distribution dates and times.  Each WSG will be following the Covid 19 guidelines upon tree pickup.
  3. You will be required to fill out a short online climate change survey when you pick up your trees.  It only takes a couple of minutes to submit.  The goal of the survey is to collect information on how much Canadians understand about climate change.

For More Information on the Saskatchewan Tree For Life Program
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