We're protecting

Saskatchewan's freshwater

Our Vision

Clean, healthy lakes,
rivers, and creeks.

We envision people caring for their local watersheds, resulting in clean, healthy lakes, rivers, and creeks that will support humans and wildlife for years to come.

Programs & Initiatives


The Prairie Watersheds Climate Program (PWCP) accelerates the adoption and implementation of on-farm beneficial management practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support production efficiency, sustainability, and resiliency on farm operations.
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Caring for our Watersheds

Caring for our Watersheds is an education program developed by Nutrien that engages students in preserving and improving their local watersheds through student-led solutions. This program is curriculum-based and an excellent way to bring project-based learning to the classroom. Plus, students and their schools can win cash-prizes! SAW is the delivery agent for this program in Saskatchewan.
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Aquatic Invasive Species

Invasive fish and invertebrate species pose a significant threat to the health of our creeks, rivers, and lakes. Learn about what we're doing to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species and how you can help.
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Watershed Wonders

Watershed Wonders is a series of three FREE loanable educational kits, designed to teach children about everything watershed related. These kits were developed for students between the ages 6-13+. However, any age can use and enjoy these wonderful activities!
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Tree for Life

The Saskatchewan Tree for Life Program seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and raise funds to support water quality in our lakes and rivers. The program is run seasonally typically each spring.
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