Prairie Watersheds Climate Program Launches June 22, 2022

The Prairie Watersheds Climate Program (PWCP) will provide up to $40 million in financial support, through OFCAF, to producers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan to accelerate their adoption and implementation of on-farm beneficial management practices (BMPs) to reduce GHG emissions, support production efficiency, sustainability and resiliency on their farm operations. To assist producers with their adoption of new BMPs, the program will offer producers resources to support BMP implementation and provide BMP design recommendations.

The three BMP streams in the PWCP program are:

  1. Improving nitrogen management:

    • for example, agronomic services to develop farm-specific nutrient management plans, equipment modifications for fertilizer application in fields, and soil sampling and analysis.

  2. Increasing adoption of cover cropping:

    • for example, payment-per-acre to cover adoption or related costs such as seeds and equipment. Cover crops are plants, like clover and alfalfa, that are planted to cover the soil rather than for the purpose of being harvested.

  3. Expanding the adoption of rotational grazing:

    • for example, agronomic services to develop grazing management plans, interior cross fencing, water system infrastructure, legume and forage seeds. Rotational grazing is the practice of containing and moving livestock through pasture to allow forage plants to recover, deepen their root systems and improve soil health

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